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Three of us

Video HD, 48:42


The idea for Three of Us was born out of my meetings with three photographers and their cities : Marseille, Cairo, Belgrade. The title suggests the possible synergies between three different communities : women, photographers, neighboring cultures. Maude, Marwa and Branka belong to the same generation, about 30 years old. The artistic projects by these three young women have been generated by their personal experiences as well their desires. Beyond each individual stories, the documentary questions the relationships between intimacy, art, and politics.

with : Marwa Adel, Maude Grübel, Branka Nedimovic
original soundtrack : Hubl Greiner
editing : Frederic Gleyze and Brigitte Bauer

Produced by Brigitte Bauer in partnership with Voies Off, Arles and Marseille-Provence 2013