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Film Camera

Video HD couleur, 11:52
Projection au Roll'Studio, Marseille, le 12 avril 2013 dans le cadre du festival "La Nuit de l'Instant", avec une improvisation musicale en live par Anne-Laure Carette et Roman Gigoi

Screening at Roll'Studio, Marseille, april 12, 2013 as part of  "La Nuit de l'Instant" festival, with live musical improvisation by Anne-Laure Carette et Roman Gigoi

In an open space - garden or landscape - characters seem to evolve in slow motion, in movements at the same time fluid and as snatched, sometimes reminding dance steps. Are we in front of a time-lapse? A resumption of an old amateur movie ? At the same time, the weekly contrasted colors and the grain, very present, direct us on the side of the first color photos. But this scene is only a projection, the very visible vertical folds of the well ironed white sheet indicate it to us. The images result from the oldest device of creation of images: Film Camera was realized from about 2000 digital photos taken inside a garden shed transformed into Camera Obscura*. A way of paying tribute to the ancestor of cameras (a black box with a simple hole) with the current high technology. A way of making a movie with what escapes the direct cinematic recording in the big black box, and a way of putting single images into movement.