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21 x 21 cm (relié)
72 pages (ill. coul. et n&b)
ISBN : 978-2-35864-107-4
EAN : 9782358641074
éditions Analogues, Arles juillet 2017
Unit Price: 25.00 €
Shipping costs 5.00 €
Total amount 30.00 €

Brigitte Bauer’s images have no other artifice but intention. And a framing of which she alone holds the secret. Emotions, stories, the unspoken, revelations and sometimes an aspiration to an undefined otherworldliness seem to emanate from them constantly.

After the book D’Allemagne, published in 2003, this new collection of unpublished photographs is presented under the title of Haus Hof Land (house farm land). This could seem more intimate and more personal. Nothing of the sort. Quite the contrary. Distance grows. Coyness develops. And detachment leaves room to the spectator who can read, even discover, their own journey. The eye slowly reveals.

From images suspended without being immobile, full of breath and breathing, emerge these strange and sometimes rough emotions, the kind felt by the uprooted. Love and worry, detachment and attachment, the critical gaze and unconditional tenderness, the link with childhood which is different for each person, inseparable from a place, smells, tastes, colours that we have left behind, that no longer belong to us but which have made up who we are. It is impossible not to feel on a tightrope all the time, torn between what is the past and those future choices which have taken us elsewhere, between impalpable but omnipresent memories, old and new. 

Annakarin Quinto