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akaBB - tribute to Roni Horn

dimension  : 21 x 21cm

44 pages (31 color and b&w photographs)

original text in german by Wolfgang Hermann

printing : digital offset

binding : wire

60 signed and numbered copies

self-published, Arles january 2019

Unit Price: 15.00 €
Shipping costs 4.80 €
Total amount 19.80 €

« In her previous works Brigitte Bauer as a person has always stepped completely in the background. In this book she makes portraits of her infancy until the present the subject of the work. But although photos from family albums, passport photos and portraits made by friends are mixed together, akaBB – tribute to Roni Horn is not a photographic diary, and neither is it a simple hommage to Roni Horn’s book. In these pages she shows detached moments, frozen time, visible fragments from a life that remains unknown. «  Wolfgang Hermann (extract, translated by BB)