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Aller aux jardins

N° ISBN : 9791090371040
176 pages from which 64 color photos.
Original texts in french and in english by Jean Cristofol, Catherine Chomarat Ruiz, Claire Renier and Brigitte Bauer
edited by Trans Photographic Press, 2012

Claire Renier

Jean Cristofol (extrait)

".... Bauer's garden is a garden of meanders that cause us to move from one place to another thanks to a continuity that is in some ways virtual, always actualized in movement and travel, but powered by its own logic and energy—a logic and energy that are visual, or more precisely photographic. We are led on a ramble that takes us to sites always precisely situated through their relationship to buildings, to the sea, to a landscape, yet never trapped in a specific geographical locale. Seen this way, we are a thousand miles from a 'catalogue raisonné'. What's in play here has more to do with the succession of images, of editing in the quasi-cinematic sense of the term."